Living Past Masters

The Past Master, a symbol of wisdom and leadership.

While many people’s first thought is that to call someone “Master” means that you are supposed to “serve” them, actually, in Freemasonry, the opposite is true.  The title of “Master” signifies that of a well-versed “teacher,” and not that of the Almighty.  The Master of the Lodge serves the Lodge.

As the lodge’s leader, his duties and responsibilities include everything pertaining to his lodge during his elected year: Ability to perform Ritual and Degree Work, Masonic knowledge of Masonry’s science of morals, symbols, and allegory, a delegation of duties to his officers, a delegation of duties to Lodge Committees, Lodge regalia maintenance and upkeep, Trestleboard/communication, scheduling of all functions, all while providing ongoing Masonic education to the brethren, just to name a few.

In Honor of all who gave of themselves to instruct our fellow Masons and serve our local Community; we continue together in your footsteps today:

William Lakso 1965

Scott P. Nussey 1976

Richard J. Okerman 1980

Stanley W. Harriott 88,89

D, Hollingsworth 1992,1993

William F. Gallaway III 1995

James B. Parker 1996

James E. LeCuyer 97/98-01-09

David P. Macklin 1999

Leslie W. Kusmirek 2000

Clifford P. Bohnet 2010-2012

Scott Mathieu 2013-14

Malcolm Burdine 2015

Andrew C. Paradis 2016-2018

Christopher W. Murray 2019-2020

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