Famous Masons

The Sprig of Acacia represents immortality and is one of many Acacia symbols with roots in the Masonic Brotherhood. It is used during or after a funeral service, to honor a brother who has died.

freemasonry is a institution calculated to benefit mankind”

Perhaps a misnomer, men are not famous for being Freemasons, as the fraternity is not a thing to create notoriety. It does, however, attract men of greatness and aspiration, which in time leads them to fame. One thing is for sure, the fraternity of Freemasonry is an inspirational subject whose philosophy lends itself to progress, democracy, responsibility, motivation, and education. These are all hallmarks of exemplary men. Some past famous Masons include these notable Masonic brethren.

Abbott, Sir John, J. C. – Canadian Prime Minister 1891-1892.
Aldrin, Col. Edwin (Buzz) – American astronaut and member of the first moon landing.
Allende, Salvador – Former President of Chile.
Appleton, Sir Edward Victor – English physicist. Nobel prize for physics 1947.
Armstrong, Louis – American Jazz legend.
Arne, Thomas Augustine – English composer, includes Rule Britannia.
Arnold, Benedict – Major General and early American Revolution war hero. Eventually changed allegiance and sided with the British, being branded a traitor ever after.
Ashmole, Elias – Founder member of the Royal Society
Ataturk, Mustapha Kemal. Former President of Turkey 1923-1938.
Austin, Stephen. “The father of Texas”.
Autry, Gene. Screen western star.
Badgley, William. Canadian Lawyer, first Dean of the Faculty of Law at McGill University, Montreal.
Ballard, Harold. Fiesty owner of Toronto Maple Leafs National Hockey League team.
Barham, Eugene A. American Admiral and war hero.
Basie, William “Count”. American jazz pianist,
Beard, Daniel Carter. Founded the Boy Scout movement in United States of America.
Benes, Eduard. President of Czechoslovakia 1935-1938.
Bennett, Viscount R. B. Canadian Prime Minister 1930-1935.
Berlin, Irving. American songwriter and composer.
Bolivar, Simon. South American liberator.
Bonaparte. Jerome, Joseph, Louis, Lucien. All brothers of Napoleon, but not the great Emperor himself.
Bongo, Omar. President of Gabon.
Borden, Sir Robert L. 12th. Canadian Prime Minister 1911-1920.
Borglum, Gutzon. Sculptor and painter. Most famous for his colossal Mt. Rushmore national memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Borglum, Lincoln. Son of Gutzon (previous), finished the above memorial.
Borgnine, Ernest. American Actor,
Boswell, John. Laird (Lord) of Auchinleck.
Bowell, Sir Mackenzie. Canadian Prime Minister 1894-1896.
Bowie, James. Famous American frontiersman, died at the Alamo.
Bradley, Omar Nelson. American General, chairman – joint chiefs of staff.
Brant, Chief Joseph. Mohawk and principal Chief of the Six Nations Indians.
Burke, Edmund. Irish/English statesman. Great friend to the US colonies.
Buchanan, James. 15th President of the USA.
Burbank, Luther. American naturalist and horticulturist.
Burke, Edmund. Anglo-Irish statesman.
Burns, Robert. Scottish poet.
Byrd, Richard E. American Admiral, aviator and explorer.
Byron, Lord William, British poet.
Campbell, Sir Malcolm. World land speed record holder.
Cantor, Eddie. American entertainer.
Carson, Christopher “Kit”. American frontiersman.
Casanova, Giovanni. Italian adventurer and philanderer.
Chagall, Marc. Russian artist.
Chrysler, Walter P. American automobile manufacturer.
Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer. English statesman and Prime Minister.
Citroen, Andre. French automotive engineer.
Clark, Lt. William. Led expedition into the North West Territories.
Clark, Roy Country western singer;
Cleaveland, Moses. American pioneer, soldier and lawyer.
Clinton, de Witt. Prominent American statesman. NYC Mayor.
Cobb, Tyrus R. American baseball great and member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Cody, William F. ( Buffalo Bill). American frontiersman and Indian scout.
Cohan, George M. American entertainer.
Cole, Nathanial, (Nat King). American singer and pianist.
Colt, Samuel. American manufacturer. Most famous for hand guns.
Conacher, Charlie. Toronto Maple Leaf ice hockey legend.
Cooper, Leroy Gordon. American astronaut.
Correll, Charles (Amos of Amos & Andy).
Coxe, Daniel. English lawyer.
Crockett, David. American frontiersman. Gained immortality at the Alamo.
Darwin, Erasmus, physician and botonist.
De Mille, Cecil B. American film producer – director.
Dempsey, W.H. “Jack”. American world heavyweight boxing champion 1919.
Dermott, Laurence. Irish born Grand Secretary of the Ancient Grand Lodge of England 1752-1771. Wrote Ahiman Rezon.
Diaz, Porfino. President of Mexico.
Diefenbaker, John George. Canadian Prime Minister 1957-1963.
Dole, Robert J. Senator.
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. English writer, works include Sherlock Holmes.
Drake, Edwin L. American oil pioneer.
Dunant, Jean Henri. Swiss founder of the Red Cross, co-winner of the first Nobel Peace Prize.
Dunckerly, Thomas. Illegitimate born son of George II.
Dunn, Alexander Robert. Canadian soldier who won Canada’s first Victoria Cross at the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava.
Edward VII. King of Great Britain.
Edward VIII. King of Great Britain.
Ellington, Edward Kennedy “Duke”. American jazz musician.
Faber, Eberhard. American manufacturer. CEO of the Eberhard Faber Pencil Co.
Fairbanks, Douglas, Snr. American actor.
Fields, “W.C.”, William Claude. American comedian and entertainer.
Fitch, John. True inventor of the steamboat.
Fleming, Sir Alexander. Scottish bacteriologist and discoverer of Penicillin.
Fleming, Sir Sanford. Canadian engineer and surveyor. Suggested the use of time zones.
Fleming, Dr. Walter Millard. American physician.
Florence, William Jermyn. American actor,
Fletcher, Sir Banister Flight. English architect and writer on the subject.
Ford, Gerald R. 38th President of the USA.
Ford, Henry. American automobile manufacturer.
Franklin, Benjamin. American statesman and inventor.
Gable, Clark. American actor. Most famous for Gone with the wind.
Garfield, James Abram. 20th President of the USA.
Garibaldi, Giuseppe. Italian revolutionary and liberator.
Gatling, Richard J. American inventor of the repeating gun.
George IV. King of Great Britain.
George VI. King of Great Britain.
Gilbert, Sir William S. English poet and play write.
Gillette, King C. American manufacturer and inventor of the safety razor.
Glenn, John. American astronaut and Senator.
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von. German poet.
Goldwater, Barry M. US Senator.
Gompers, Samuel. Founder and first president of the American Federation of Labor.
Gosden, Freeman (Andy of Amos & Andy).
De Grey, George Frederick Samuel Robinson Earl. Governor General of India 1880-1884. Most famous today for Earl Grey Tea.
Grissom, Virgil “Gus”. American astronaut, killed in Apollo 1 fire.
Guillotin, Joseph Ignace. French humanitarian doctor, sought the decapitating machine linked to his name as a more humane method of execution.
Haig, Earl Douglas. British Field Marshal during World War I.
Hall, Prince. First known black American Freemason.
Hancock, John. American merchant and patriot, signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Harding, Warren G. 29th President of the USA.
Hardy, Oliver. American comedian and actor, partner of Stan Laurel.
Haydn, Franz Josef. Austrian composer.
Henson, Josiah. American black slave who escaped from slavery in Kentucky into Canada. Inspiration for the novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”.
Hilton, Charles C. American hotelier. Founded Hotel Hilton which led to the famous chain of luxury hotels.
Hoban, James. American architect, designed the original White House and its replacement.
Horton, Tim. Canadian ice hockey legend. Founder of the donut chain bearing his name.
Hoover, J. Edgar. American lawman and head of the FBI.
Hopkins, Sir Frederick Gowland. English biochemist. Nobel prize winner for medicine 1929. Discovered essential amino acids and researched vitamins.
Horlick, Alexander J. American industrialist. Founded Horlick’s Malted Milk Co.
Hornsby, Rogers.Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Houdini, Harry. American magician and escape artist.
Houston, Sam. American pioneer and first president of Texas.
Hussein, King of Jordan
Irwin, James Benson. American astronaut. Member of the 4th moon landing.
Ismail, Pasha. Viceroy of Egypt. Presented an obelisk to USA to be erected in NY City.
Ives, Burl Icle. American entertainer.
Jackson, Andrew. 7th President of the USA.
Jackson, Rev. Jesse.
Jarvis, William. Provincial Secretary for Upper Canada.
Jenner, Edward. English doctor who discovered the principle of vaccination.
Johnson, Andrew. 17th President of the USA.
Johnson, John A. “Jack”. American world heavyweight champion boxer 1908-1915.
Johnson, Lyndon B. 36th President of the USA.
Jolson, Al. American singer and actor who portrayed black minstrels.
Jones, John Paul. Scottish born “Father of the American Navy”.
Jones, Melvin. American businessman. Co-founder of Lions International.
Kalakaua. King of Hawaii.
Kemp, Jack Former U.S. Senator/Secretary of HUD, New York; Quarterback for Buffalo Bills.
Kent, Edward Augustus, Duke of. Father of Queen Victoria
Kent, His Royal Highness Prince Edward the Duke of.
King, Charles. American biochemist, isolated vitamin C.
Kipling, Rudyard. English Nobel Prize winning writer, born in India, most famous for The Jungle Book.
Kitchener, Lord Horatio Herbert. British General and statesman.
Lafayette, Marquis de
Laguardia, Fiorello H. American politician. Three time Mayor of NY City and namesake of the International Airport.
Layton, Athol. Canadian professional wrestler.
Lewis Meriwether. First Govenor of the Louisiana Territories and leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition
Lindbergh, Charles. American aviator who made the first non-stop flight from America to Europe. His plane was the Spirit of St. Louis and bore the Masonic insignia.
Lipton, Sir Thomas Johnstone. Scottish merchant famous for the tea he transported from Ceylon.
Listz, Franz Von. Hungarian composer.
Lloyd, Harold C. American actor.
Macadam, John Loudon. Scottish engineer. Developed the smooth waterproof road surface.
MacArthur, Douglas. 5 star American General, served in both world wars.
Macdonald, Sir John Alexander. First Canadian Prime Minister.
Maclean, John Bayne. Founder of Maclean’s Magazine and President of Maclean’s Publishing Co.
Madison, James. 4th President of the USA.
Marshall, George C. 5 star American General.
Mayer, Louis B. American film producer with partner Sam Goldwyn.
Mayo, Dr. Charles H. American physician. Co-founder of the Mayo clinics and Mayo foundation for medical research.
Mazzini, Giuseppe. Italian revolutionary. Worked towards the liberation and unification of Italy.
McKinley, William. 25th President of the USA.
McLaughlin, Col. R. S. “Sam”. Founder of the McLaughlin Carriage Co. which later became General Motors of Canada.
McNair Alexander. First Govenor of the State of Missouri
Mesmer, Franz Anton. Austrian physician. Studies in magnetism led to the art of Mesmerization, which later became hypnotism.
Michelson, Albert Abraham. American physicist. Successfully measured the speed of light, gaining the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1907.
Mix, Tom. American actor. Made over 400 western movies.
Molson, John. Founder of Molson Breweries.
Monroe, James. 5th President of the USA.
Montgolfier, Jacques Etienne. French inventor. developed the hot air balloon.
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Austrian composer.
Murphy, Audie. American soldier and actor. Most decorated US soldier in WW II.
Nasmyth, Alexander. Scottish painter and inventor, friend of Robbie Burns.
Oglethorpe, James E. English politician and soldier. Founder of Savannah GA.
Olds, Ransom E. American automotive engineer whose name is linked to the General Motors Oldsmobile division.
Owen, Most Rev. Derwyn T. Archbishop of Toronto and Primate of all Canada.
Palmer, Arnold Daniel. Golfer, Inspector General (Honorary) elect.
Peale, Norman Vincent. American clergyman and author.
Peary, Robert E. American explorer. First to reach the North Pole.
Pedro I, Dom Antonio Pedro de Alcantara Bourbon. Declared Brazil independent from Portugal and was crowned emperor. Returned to Portugal and was crowned King Pedro IV.
Penny, James C. American founder of the J. C. Penny department store chain.
Pershing, John Joseph. American General.
Pike, Albert. American lawyer, soldier and author. Confederate General.
Polk, James Knox. 11th President of the USA.
Poinsett, Joel R. USA Secretary of War,
Pryor, Richard. American actor and comedian.
Pullman, George M. American engineer. Developed the luxury railway sleeping and dining cars.
Pushkin, Aleksander. Russian poet.
Revere, Paul. American Revolutionary War hero.
Richet, Charles Robert. French physiologist. His research into allergies and immune serum won him the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1913.
Rickenbacker, Eddie. US Air Force pilot and war hero. Downed 21 enemy planes and 4 ballons.
Ringling Brothers. American showmen. All seven brothers and their father August Ringling.
Robinson, “Sugar Ray”. American light heavyweight boxing champion of the world.
Rodriquez, Abelardo L. President of Mexico.
Rogers, Roy. American cowboy, singer and actor.
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. 32nd President of the USA.
Roosevelt, Theodore. 26th President of the USA.
Rothschild, Natan Meyer. Anglo-German financier.
Rubio, Pascual Ortiz. President of Mexico. Shriner.
Sabatini, Raphael. English novelist. Wrote Captain Blood, Scaramouche, etc.
Sarnoff, David. Radio and TV executive, Marconi and RCA.
Sax, Antoine Joseph. Belgian instrument maker. Invented the Saxophone and Saxhorn.
Sayer, Anthony. Gentleman. First Grand Master elected by the “Four Old Lodges”, London, England, June 24th., 1717.
Scott, Robert Falcon. British polar explorer, perished with his entire party.
Scott, Sir Walter. Scottish writer and poet. Ivanhoe, The Talisman, etc.
Sellers, Peter. English actor. Pink Panther, Goon Show, etc.
Shackleton, Sir Ernest H. One of the most famous of all Antarctic explorers.
Shillibeer, George. English inventor. Pioneered the omnibus.
Sibelius, Jan. Finnish composer. Second only to Mozart as a Masonic composer.
Simcoe, Lord John Graves. First Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada – now Ontario.
Sinclair, Gordon “Sinc”. Canadian journalist and broadcaster.
Skelton, Richard B. “Red”. Comedian and TV star.
Smathers, James F. Inventor of the electric typewriter
Sousa, John Philip. American composer and band leader. Stars and Stripes Forever.
Stutz, Harry Clayton. American automotive pioneer circa 1900.
Sullivan, Sir Arthur Seymore. English composer with partner Sir W. S. Gilbert.
Swift, Jonathan. Irish poet and writer. Gulliver’s travels.
Taft, William H. 27th President of the USA.
Thomas, Dave. Founder of Wendy’s hamburger chain.
Tillis, Lonnie Melvin “Mel” American Country Music entertainer.
Tirpitz, Alfred Von. German Admiral. Restructured the german navy.
Travis, William B. American commander at the Alamo.
Truman, Harry S. 33rd President of the USA.
Twain, Mark. American writer (Samuel L. Clemens).
Valdes, Miguel Aleman. President of Mexico.
Vivekananda, Swami Nerendramah Datta. Leading exponent of both Hinduism and Yoga in the west.
Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet. French writer an philosopher.
Wadlow, Robert Pershing. Tallest human, almost 9 feet tall.
Wallace, George C. Governor of Alabama.
Warner, Jack L. American film producer and one of the Warner Brothers.
Warren, Gen. Joseph. Physician, Patriot, killed at Bunker Hill.
Washington, Booker T. American author.
Washington, George – 1st President of the USA.
Watson, Whipper Billy – Canadian professional wrestler.
Wayne, John – American film star.
Webb, Capt. Matthew – English swimmer. First man to swim the English Channel.
Wellington, Arthur Duke of – British soldier and statesman. Defeated Napoleon at Waterloo.
Wilde, Oscar O’Flahertie Wills – Anglo Irish dramatist. The importance of being Earnest.
William IV, King of England
Wilson, William Mercer – First Grand Master of the independent Grand Lodge of Canada, 1855. Also first Grand First Principal of Royal Arch Masons of Canada.
Wozniak, Steve – Co-founder of Apple Computers
Zanuck, Darryl F. – American film producer. Co-founder of 20th Century Productions.
Ziegfeld, Florenz – American producer. Ziegfeld’s Follies.

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